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A motivational & educational personal branding program inspired by the unique life transition of the NCAA student-athlete.

Many NCAA student-athletes will graduate this year with little to no coaching or preparation on how to transition out of their sport and into to the next phase of their lives.

Surprisingly, many schools do not have adequate resources to prepare student-athletes for a life beyond the personal brand they have built and maintained since youth sports. Typical guidance counseling or career advisors cannot fully understand the mind of the student-athlete who is about to face life as a NARP (Non-Athletic Regular Person).

Identity and motivation are key factors that influence the behaviors of college student-athletes as they transition out of sport and into a world without external motivators such as scholarships, teammates, structured programs, access to caring coaches & teachers, and state of the art facilities.

Sports psychologists say that while student-athletes may feel relief after coming to the end of a grueling and demanding athletic career, up to 20% have the potential to suffer depression and other mental-health issues for many years after graduation because they find it hard to let go of their identity as a competitive athlete. Finding the next team in their lives must first start with rebranding themselves from the inside out.

By incorporating brand building principles to human behaviors, NexTTeam™ sessions help student-athletes become more aware of the necessary steps to make the transition from a life of sport, and constant team support, to a life that will require greater self awareness, self-coaching & rebranding.

NexTTeam™ builds on the career transition principles developed by the brand consultancy, Gordon Creative, Inc. These life & career skills are currently being shared with global business leaders of major organizations such as Bank of America, Marriott International, Ritz Carlton, American Express, Gallagher Bassett, Autozone, PwC, Samsung and Bayer. By adapting career rebranding principles to the unique identity and transition challenges facing student-athletes, it’s possible to make the move out of sport easier, and even exciting.

NexTTeam™ is designed to achieve the following results for student athletes:

  • Awareness and Understanding of life after competitive sport
  • Greater awareness of negative emotions and ability to cope with stress
  • How to foster stronger, long lasting connections to teammates after graduation
  • Find purpose and passion in the next chapter of life
  • Create a team atmosphere in a professional environment
  • Have a more authentic awareness of strengths and personal brand
  • How to identify, communicate and deliver unique value away from athletics
  • How to self coach through change and challenges
  • Reinforce the principles of resilience and empowerment.

NexTTeam™ can be delivered as an educational, entertaining, and interactive keynote or half-day workshop session for athletes and coaches, as well as a full-day TTT for coaches and administrators.