Leader Brand


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As a leader, what do your people say about you when you leave the room? What would you like them to say? Is there a disconnect between your intentions and how you are perceived?

A leader with a strong brand consistently delivers on a unique promise of value.  A leader brand stands for something more than a title.
If you want to be known as an inspiring and confident leader, you will need to develop and master the ability to consistently earn the trust and respect of your people, so they will want to believe what you believe.

How many of your leaders think of themselves as a brand to be promoted and valued? They have a job and a title. They have direct reports and hopefully take the time to grow their people while growing the business. But, do they realize the importance of how they are perceived by others in the organization? Do they understand that each and every interaction they have with their fellow leaders and colleagues is either building or destroying the perception of their ability to lead with credibility, conviction and confidence?

Leaders with a strong brand have the unique ability to inspire employees around a vision and a mission because they stand for something bigger than themselves. They know who they are, have exceptional communication skills, act consistently and provide unique value to their people, their team and their organization.

Building and maintaining a leader brand will require the ability to consistently educate others on the promise of a repeatable, unique value experience. Therefore, those who identify and communicate the stand-out qualities that make them interesting, relevant, stronger and more valuable in the eyes of their people will be more likely to create brand loyal followers.

The Four Cornerstones of Leader Brand Building are:

  • Identity – What leader qualities make you unique and valuable to your employees and your team?
  • Communication – How do you clearly, consistently and confidently communicate your value?
  • Actions – Do you step up, take initiative & maintain actions that are consistent with what you stand for?
  • Unique Value – What experiences do you create that classify you as collaborative partner and leader?

After working with me, managers and leaders will be able to:

  • Understand a leader brand strategy to stand out in the minds of their colleagues and customers
  • Create brand alignment between themselves, their teams and their organization
  • Increase accountability for personal, team and corporate results
  • More easily engage their teammates with confidence, energy and conviction
  • Make stronger, emotional, immediate connections to teammates and colleagues
  • Educate others on the value they bring to each and every interaction