My Brand

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When planning your next meeting, seminar, event or conference, you may need to bring someone in from the outside to motivate, educate or inspire your audience. You will be looking for someone who is proven and respected, but you should ultimately choose a speaker/educator who values the time and energy that it takes you to plan and create a career-defining event for your most important audience. 

Sales. Leadership. Marketing. Communication. Service Excellence.

As you consider your options, would it matter to know my 25+ years of corporate business experience includes being a sales leader, creative director, writer, communications & brand consultant, business owner, leadership & sales trainer, and chief marketing officer?  Is it important to you that I am a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University, played college football, or was an actor in NY and California early in my career? How about the fact that I have also been a teacher at Hofstra University, delivering experiential classes on the power of personal branding, persuasive communications and positive leadership. All those things make me credible, but the only reason you will choose me is if you see the value I can bring to you and your team.

I help people identify, communicate and consistently deliver unique value to achieve more success in work and life. 

There is no such thing as a brand at work and a brand at home. Having a personal brand means being one brand, 24/7. As I travel the country, motivating and educating audiences from all walks of life and business, my family (seen below) is the team that supports, inspires and reminds me of what is most important and valued. When you work with me, the brand and communication skills I teach are for both personal and professional brand improvement and alignment. 


Your family has to love you. Your clients do not. Which is why I proactively plan for every interaction and presentation to be a positive, meaningful and engaging experience. I have worked with every organizational division as both an employee and a consultant. My intimate knowledge of personal, team and organization needs include C-Level Executives, Sales, Marketing, Communications, Operations, Training, HR, Customer Service, Finance, IT, Manufacturing, Legal, Meetings & Events, Management, Strategic Sourcing and Performance Improvement. But, all that experience is still not my brand.

My brand is what other people feel and say about me:

“A rare mix of creativity, leadership and business acumen you don’t normally find in one place.  He understands what motivates, and engages an audience from the stage, in a workshop or just putting a strategic plan together.  It has been a pleasure working with Dave in all areas of sales training and communications for the past year.  Highly recommend him.  True artist at what he does.” – VP, Training and Education  – DaVita

“Featuring you as our keynote speaker to kick off our conference could not have been better!  Your seminar “Stand For Your Brand” was well received by all.  Everyone present from all aspects of our industry walked away with tips.  It was the talk of the morning during our breaks.  We look forward to your return!”  –  Association of Registration Management, Inc.

100% of the attendees ranked your presentation style a 5 out of 5 stars. A great way to kick off our conference, your presentation and positivity gave structure to the discussions later in the conference. The interaction with the audience was great and your humor and unique stories kept everyone engaged.  Fun, motivational and lots of practical tips to take back to the real world. Thank you again for your fabulous 3-hour keynote/workshop. It was exactly what we hoped it would be. – NICU Leadership Forum, Synova Associates

“Dave, you are awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed all of the interaction during your presentation.  The audience was engaged and captivated with your delivery and style.  To this day I still recall everything you said. Thanks for elevating our partner meeting to a new level.” – Team Leader – AutoZone

“Thank you so much for being part of our event.  I have heard from many people that yours was their favorite session.  It was a great topic for our employees presented in a fun, engaging manner.  The attendees loved your energy as well as the messaging.”  – Director – American Express Meetings and Events

“I have had so many people from the classes yesterday compliment the class and your training style.  They loved it!”  – Human Resources – Nomura

“Dave was wonderful! Everyone enjoyed his presentation very much. I got lots of good compliments from the audience about him. It is also so nice to have a speaker who is equally as good behind the scenes as he is presenting – we have had bad experiences in the past. Dave was so polite, respectful, and seemed sincerely interested in Westar during his time here. I will highly recommend him to other groups and organizations.” – Supervisor, Revenue Accounting – Westar Energy

“I have had numerous people stop by and tell what an awesome day it was and how they can apply the information you taught to their daily routine, and after all that is the most important part of learning something new.  We are going to keep this alive, many times we are fired up and then it dies when the days get busy.  Let’s plan for the next one. Thank you for bringing our purpose back.”  – CNO – Cook Childrens Hospital

“Just a quick note to thank you again for coming to speak with our staff.  Feedback has been fantastic.  I truly appreciate your efforts at giving us all a “shot in the arm” and I believe you have made a big difference here at Waverly.  It’s true…Everybody ‘sells’. Even teachers.” – Superintendent, Waverly Central Schools

“I wanted to thank you again for your interview coaching. I received priceless information that I will carry on with me throughout my career. I wrote down the advice you gave me and sent it to my whole team along with promoting how helpful your process is. I appreciate you taking the time to help me, along with others, learn and practice the best way to prepare for the real thing. Your insight into “selling yourself” was most certainly appreciated!” – Student Athlete, Johns Hopkins University