Keynote, Breakout & Workshop Topics

All programs have the flexibility to be delivered as motivational keynote presentations, 1-2 hour interactive strategy sessions and either half or full day workshops.  Based on key objectives, time constraints and audience learning styles, we work together to determine the key messages and action-inspiring takeaways needed to make every session both an immediate and sustainable success for you and your team.  

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Stand For Your Brand

In today’s crowded talent marketplace, the strength of who you are and how you communicate needs to be quickly and easily understood so people can identify and invest in the unique value you bring to their world. In business, your brand is your reputation and your promise of a repeatable, unique value experience.  Therefore, those who identify and communicate stand-out qualities that make them interesting, relevant, stronger and more valuable than their competition will be more likely to win and maintain brand loyal customers. STAND FOR YOUR BRAND will give you the tools and strategy to build a stronger personal brand to elevate your career, your team and your organization.  The focus of the session will be on mastering the four cornerstones of a stand out personal brand:
Identity – What makes you interesting, unique and valuable to your customers and your team?
Communication – How do you confidently communicate your value to your stakeholders?
Actions – Are your actions consistent with your identity and perceived value?
Unique Value – What experiences do you create that classify you as a collaborative partner?

You Had Me At Hello

“Hello” is the first moment in any relationship.  It’s that moment of magic when two people who have never met before suddenly form a connection.  Whether that connection lasts depends on many factors, but mastering that first moment of “hello” will give you best chance to not only make a first impression, but a lasting one. What does your hello say about you? How good are you at making connections with people of influence? In a world where much of our communication is now done via email and texting, the art of starting and sustaining real time, authentic, face to face, verbal conversations is becoming more important than ever.  Deals are made and careers are built on the ability to quickly connect to and earn trust from clients and colleagues.  Therefore, those professionals who can immediately engage and connect to their most important prospects and stakeholders will always be perceived as more valuable in the marketplace. YOU HAD ME AT HELLO is a communications program designed to help people develop their  “one to one” and “one to many” relationship building skills.  By employing the principles of personal branding, brain science, positive psychology and persuasive communications, attendees will become more confident in their ability to connect with audiences of influence. 

Rock Your Role

Your work-day starts with an entrance but, do you have an entrance song?  We have wedding songs, fight songs, workout songs, love songs and songs that continue to anchor us to the meaningful moments in our lives.  What song is playing in your head when you walk in the door to work?  If it’s “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC, we have a problem.  And, actually, we do have a big problem. 70% of employees are disengaged with their jobs and their work. It’s not because they don’t value their job…it’s because they have lost the meaning behind what they do.   They are uninspired.  They have no soundtrack to their lives.  Unfortunately, the people who lead and manage them are just as disengaged. The best leaders have the ability to help others believe their lives are purposeful.  But, if you are not sure what you are doing or why you are doing it, why on earth would anyone follow you? To be a great leader you must be able to create meaningful experiences and emotional anchors for yourself and your people to ultimately influence change. You must be able to help someone understand how, every day, they have the power to influence their own change and the ability to make a difference in the lives of customers and colleagues. The best leaders, like the best songs have the ability to get people to move! ROCK YOUR ROLE is a highly interactive, entertaining session designed to motivate, inspire and educate attendees on the best practices of authentic, emotional and inspirational leadership. By applying the principles of emotional intelligence, “flow” and leader branding we help attendees find, rekindle or enhance the meaning of what they do each and every day.  By embracing the emotional language of leadership and a greater sense of purpose to influence change, they will not only boost productivity in themselves, but also their teams and their entire organization. And, yes, there will be music in this session.  Lots of music.

Communication Transformation

In a typical day, you spend up to 90 percent of your time engaged in some form of written or oral communication; influencing, convincing, persuading, selling, negotiating and producing.  However, if you are like most business professionals, you are sharing information and content…but you are finding it difficult to connect with your audience.  Technology has made it possible to share enormous amounts of information which has made communication both easier and harder.  It is easy to share, but harder to make a real connection with your audience. Studies show communicators who can create and share content that is more relevant, interactive, visual, emotional and actionable will connect easier with audiences and increase productivity, engagement, sales and learning.  By changing an “FYI” culture to a set of communication values that embrace the principles of “change, challenge or champion” attendees will be able to understand the audience mindset and create meaningful connections with their most important stakeholders and customers. Whether it is a face-to-face meeting, presentation, training class, webinar, phone call or written correspondence, there are best practices that need to be followed to influence others to change and create a culture of learning and growth. 

Theme The Team

Whether it’s an executive team striving for a better working relationship or a pitch team getting ready to make the presentation of a lifetime, teams that take the time to understand and master the four cornerstones of an aligned, powerful team brand are more likely to increase buying and buy-in opportunities.  After many years working with executive, sales, departmental and cross functional teams and implementing hundreds of team building exercises, we finally realized that traditional team building does not work. The purpose of team building is usually to manufacture an experience that will somehow create a personal bond between the participants which will cross over into their working relationship.  Cooking parties, bike building, etc. are all great events.  But, after the fun is over they rarely create branded teams that are aligned with the goals of each team member and the organization.  The greatest teams are more than just a collection of talent executing a task.  The greatest teams have a brand, an essence and a common purpose that is evident not only to each other, but also their audience.  Some people would call this team “chemistry”, which does not have to happen by accident.  THEME THE TEAM is a facilitator led, strategic “team branding” workshop/retreat that helps people clearly recognize their talents and the talents of their teammates in the pursuit of a purposeful goal which ties to overall business objectives. 

Show And Sell

Lorne Michaels, the creator of Saturday Night Live, once said, “there is an unbelievable pressure that comes with going from a blank page to on air in six days, every week.”  The secret, he says, to being creative on a deadline is to know that the deadline is real and the stakes are high.  It focuses people’s thinking because at 11:30 PM they are going live.  If you are in sales, this kind of pressure to create a “show” that will wow an audience must sound familiar.  Nowadays, sales teams are trying to do more and win more with less. Even worse, the existing process of creating pitches hinders creativity when faced with seemingly unrealistic deadlines from prospects. Just like a one hour drama or a half hour sitcom, you usually have between 30 and 60 minutes to take your potential customers on a journey and at the end leave everyone with a feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment and, even better, wanting to see what the next “episode” with you might be.  SHOW AND SELL is a hands-on, real world focused, facilitator-led strategic workshop to help sales and pitch teams learn to more easily create engaging presentations that will ultimately win more business. Created in partnership with television writers who have worked in the fast paced world of sitcom and dramatic TV production, this sales workshop is designed to cultivate, develop, refine and deliver the best ideas from your team to create the most engaging “show” possible. Using a “Writers’ Room” methodology employed by shows like Saturday Night Live, situational half hour comedies and hour long dramas, you will learn to consistently create compelling and relevant content, delivered in a way that is guaranteed to be a memorable audience experience.  


What if you could do away with “look at me” capabilities presentations and painfully scripted sales model interactions that immediately disengage prospects and adversely affect the chance of winning new business? What if you could coach and train sales people to embrace the sales process instead of just the close?  What if you could show them that the sales process, no matter the product or service you are selling, always follows the same structure and same path in the mind of the buyer?  Like a story.  STORYSELLING is a half or full day interactive and transformational sales improvement program designed to help sales professionals better connect to prospects and customers by embracing the power of story structure, storytelling and the science of “emotional impact” during the buying experience. By changing the mindset of sales professionals to better understand and create the necessary “plot points” in every sale, they are more likely to gain confidence as they create meaningful connections, build stronger relationships, influence change and ultimately win more business.  In addition we will work on building each sales professional’s “toolbox” of stories to be used at each plot point in the sales story. Please note that since stories have been a universal form of communication for thousands of years, STORYSELLING is designed to engage both new hires and highly experienced sales professionals in the same session. 
It is possible to select and combine the sessions above into a one, two or three day Team Development or Brand Alignment program.  Please contact to discuss pricing and availability.