You Can Do Bigger

Dave Gordon

“The Founder" is a movie that tells the story of the beginning of McDonalds; how Ray Kroc, a struggling 52-year-old salesman from Illinois, played by Michael Keaton, met Mac and Dick McDonald, who were running a burger operation in 1950s Southern California.

Ray Kroc is portrayed as both hero and villain. Kroc is hero as the creator of a global brand who revolutionized an industry; and villain, who forced two nice business owners to sell their name and their dream for a fraction of it's eventual value.

As I watched the movie on my latest business trip, it was a reminder that there is a difference between people who think “business” and those who think “brand.” People who think "brand" tend to think bigger. They consistently look to grow and expand their business, and their audience, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and customer service.

What’s your dream? Your bigger vision for yourself or your business? Do you put yourself out there, willing to fail and be laughed at or ridiculed in the face of naysayers who say, “don’t get your hopes up.”

We hear these legendary success stories like that of Ray Kroc all the time. The salesperson or business executive with a big idea who won’t let it go, until he or she is able to make their vision a reality and change the world. These are the stories we retell over and over to remind ourselves that while there are many people with talent, there are far fewer people with talent who are able to think bigger and do what it takes to make those dreams a reality.

There will always be naysayers when you have a bigger vision for yourself. They will tell you that you can’t do it, not because you can’t, but because they can’t. Their failure is not your failure. Their fear is not your fear.

Think of yourself as a brand, not just someone who works at a business. Grow and expand your network of customers who need and want the value you have to offer. Maintain the highest standards of quality and customer service possible.

If you are happy in your job and your life, and you are content with the way things are, keep doing what you're doing. But, if you’ve ever had a bigger dream for yourself and failed to truly go for it because someone said your goal was too big, or that you needed to play it safe, remember that you are never too young or too old to be successful beyond your wildest dreams.

If you want it, you can do bigger. You know you can.

Stand for Your Brand,

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