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Communication Transformation

In a typical day, you spend up to 90 percent of your time engaged in some form of written or oral communication; influencing, convincing, persuading, selling, negotiating and producing.  However, if you are like most business professionals, you are sharing information and content…but you are finding it difficult to connect with your audience.  Technology has made it possible to share enormous amounts of information which has made communication both easier and harder.  It is easy to share, but harder to make a real connection with your audience.

Studies show communicators who can create and share content that is more relevant, interactive, visual, emotional and actionable will connect easier with audiences and increase productivity, engagement, sales and learning.  By changing an “FYI” culture to a set of communication values that embrace the principles of “change, challenge or champion” attendees will be able to understand the audience mindset and create meaningful connections with their most important stakeholders and customers. Whether it is a face-to-face meeting, presentation, training class, webinar, phone call or written correspondence, there are best practices that need to be followed to influence others to change and create a culture of learning and growth. 

  • Present complex issues and ideas in a clear and simple manner
  • Influence others to act on their Ideas
  • Master the persuasive power of stories to easily engage their audiences
  • Transfer belief with a balance of credibility, logic and emotion
  • Embrace positive language to foster collaboration and cooperation
  • Create brand alignment between themselves, their teams and their organization
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