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Rock Your Role

Your work-day starts with an entrance but, do you have an entrance song?  We have wedding songs, fight songs, workout songs, love songs and songs that continue to anchor us to the meaningful moments in our lives.  What song is playing in your head when you walk in the door to work?  If it’s “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC, we have a problem.  And, actually, we do have a big problem. 70% of employees are disengaged with their jobs and their work. It’s not because they don’t value their job…it’s because they have lost the meaning behind what they do. They are uninspired. They have no soundtrack to their lives.  Unfortunately, the people who lead and manage them are just as disengaged.

The best leaders have the ability to help others believe their lives are purposeful.  But, if you are not sure what you are doing or why you are doing it, why on earth would anyone follow you? To be a great leader you must be able to create meaningful experiences and emotional anchors for yourself and your people to ultimately influence change. You must be able to help someone understand how, every day, they have the power to influence their own change and the ability to make a difference in the lives of customers and colleagues. The best leaders, like the best songs have the ability to get people to move! ROCK YOUR ROLE is a highly interactive, entertaining session designed to motivate, inspire and educate attendees on the best practices of authentic, emotional and inspirational leadership.

By applying the principles of emotional intelligence, “flow” and leader branding we help attendees find, rekindle or enhance the meaning of what they do each and every day.  By embracing the emotional language of leadership and a greater sense of purpose to influence change, they will not only boost productivity in themselves, but also their teams and their entire organization. And, yes, there will be music in this session.  Lots of music.

  • Embrace the roles they have in work and life
  • Increase productivity and confidence in themselves and their people
  • Master the skills to become a more creative, engaged, communicative and empowering leader and partner
  • Create meaningful connections between their work, their co-workers, and their company
  • Better understand the “”stories”, “songs” and “soundtracks” that inspire themselves and their people
  • Create a more empathetic and engaging “voice” of leadership
  • Understand their responsibility and purpose to influence change
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